Director: Kristen Argow Heaton Toddler Teachers:  Kara Dickens Preschool and PreK Teachers: Alexis, Teachers: Becky Specials: Mr. Scott The Music Man!

Kristen Argow Heaton

Tell us a little bit about yourself. I live in Lafayette with my husband and 2 sons (Both Active Louisville Kids!). I was born and raised in Virginia. After graduating from Virginia Tech in 1998 I worked in office management in the Washington DC area. In 2004 I followed my dream of moving to the beautiful state of Colorado and working with young children. How long have you worked with children? I’ve worked with children for more than 20 years. I started working in childcare while I was in high school (1992-1993) as my first after school job. I was the afternoon preschool assistant at Fairfax Montessori in Northern Virginia. While earning my Early Childhood Education Director’s Certificate, I was a lead preschool teacher and then a nanny. For the year prior to starting my first center, Active Boulder Kids (2007-2017) I served as the Primary SAC (School Age Children) Supervisor for Boulder Valley School District at Community Montessori Elementary School. That year, I was also the lead CPKP (Colorado Preschool Kindergarten Program) teacher for the spring semester at YWCA’s Children Alley.  I was the lead preschool teacher and Director at Active Boulder Kids for 7 years before becoming the director at Active Louisville Kids. Even as the director, I’m a sub, so I get to be in the classroom a lot! What is your Educational Philosophy? My educational philosophy is children learn best through ACTIVE exploration of their environment. Active bodies and active minds!  Children need fresh air, nature, and movement as well as positive guidance and modeling from adults. I believe in relationship-based learning and encourage all teachers to start the learning process by building trust and a secure attachment with each child.  I believe in the power of learning through play. During play, children discover their world as they explore, create, image and figure things out! What are you most passionate about when working with kids? Children’s sense of wonder and imagination.  When a child discovers a new talent, I get to see the delight, surprise and joy in their young faces… It’s priceless.  The endless joy that comes from the constant sound of laughter and hearing “I did it!” as they learn just how much they can actually do on their own.  Each child grows more independent and confident right before our eyes. Amazing! Anything else you want families to know about you? I love our community!  I’m always looking for more ways to expand our family participation and  activities. I would love any ideas you have to share! I am grateful each day for all you you!

Alexis Sanera

Tell us a little about yourself. I moved from Arizona as a kid and now happily call Colorado my home! I attended Northern Arizona University with a focus on elementary education before transferring to Metropolitan State University in Denver to continue my education degree with a minor in speech pathology. When I’m not spending time working or volunteering with children I love to hike and read. How long have you been working with children? I began working in formal childcare settings four years ago but have prior experience as a nanny and I have loved every minute of it! What is your Educational Philosophy? I believe in creating a secure, supportive environment that promotes positivity, acceptance and self-assurance. I also value a classroom community that encourages respect for all people and things by allowing sincere expression and having fair, consistent expectations. In agreement with our school philosophy, I see children as active learners and consider their surroundings to be the most effective teaching tool. My goal is to make learning self-motivated and enjoyable while fostering individual growth by providing developmentally appropriate experiences. Why are you passionate about working with kids? Working with children is very rewarding to me. Whether it’s an unexpected challenge, a funny moment, or a random hug, everyday brings something new to appreciate. Not only do I genuinely enjoy what I do but I respect the worth and value of every child that enters my classroom and I am committed to focusing on their well-being. I hope to make a difference to each and every child I encounter.

Kara Dickens

Tell us a little bit about yourself. I’m a single mom of two wonderful boys. we live in Longmont Colorado! We love to play outside together on the weekends, and play with our two cats, Sonic and Beauty, and our dog, Vader! I have lived in Colorado for 39 years, off and on, but I keep coming back because I love it so much! How long have you worked with children? I started working with children as a babysitter when I was younger, but have officially been in the field 3 years. What is your Educational Philosophy? I think that children learn best with hands on experiences, while I am working with them at their level and building from there. Hands on learning allows a child to create things in the way they want. The teacher’s job then is to guide and scaffold the children’s learning. What are you most passionate about when working with kids? I love working with children because I enjoy watching them grow and learn and build their confidence. It is great to see what they are able to accomplish. It feels so great to facilitate their learning and to celebrate their successes. Anything else you want families to know about you? I love hugs and cuddles! Christmas is my favorite holiday.

Becky Pilarcik

Tell us a little bit about yourself. I have lived in Colorado for over 40 years and love the mountains.  I live with my husband, two beautiful kids, and three goofy dogs. How long have you worked with children? I have been working in early childhood education for over 15 years.  I have worked in small mountain schools and large centers in the city. For two years I was owner/operator of a high quality, licensed, home child care center in Black Hawk. I also worked as a nanny for a great family for four years.  More recently I worked as a para-educator for kindergarten enrichment for Boulder Valley Schools for 3 years before coming to Active Louisville Kids. What is your Educational Philosophy? My education philosophy is that children learn best through hands learning and is definitely play based.   I believe in looking at children as individuals and treating them with love and respecting their differences. I have seen that children thrive when supported through new experiences,  trying new things, and learning through doing. I believe that by creating a nurturing and safe environment, children can reach their full potential and learn more about the world when they feel safe and supported. What are you most passionate about when working with kids? I am most passionate about creating a safe, fun,  loving environment for children to grow and learn.  I love to see them learning and mastering new ideas and growing through the stages of childhood. Anything else you want families to know about you? I love children, dogs, and nature.  My dream is to have a farm of miniature animals. Someday I would love to have a cabin  in the woods someday and a garden full of veggies in the yard.
Mr. Scott The Music Man! Mr. Scott Medina Every Wednesdsay morning, all year, Mr. Scott (Medina) comes in with his childlike sense of humor instruments and puppets. The kids love to sing, dance and anxiously wait to see what puppet will emerge from the Magic Music Bag to gobble up the instruments. Mr. Scott the Music Man has been bringing is lively music classes to thousands of preschoolers for the past dozen years. Mr. Scott’s focus is on making music fun and accessible to new generations, while incorporating teaching concepts of colors, numbers, the alphabet and much more. With his Magic Music Bag filled with instruments and puppet friends, you never know what will come next, but a healthy dose of active interaction and silliness is a sure bet! Mr. Scott offers a professionally filmed hour-long DVD concert which receives heavy rotation in many youngster’s homes; let him know if you’re interested in a copy or in a musical birthday experience the kids will long remember!