Active Bodies, Active Minds, Active Kids!

Active Louisville Kids Preschool provides a high quality, healthy, safe and fun learning environment for children. The philosophy is that children learn through active exploration. We encourage children to explore their environment and to experiment and discover solutions through manipulating age appropriate materials and projects. The children learn problem solving skills through a philosophy of guidance. Teachers model positive behavior and set good examples for the children to follow. The programs at Active Boulder Kids encourage social, emotional and physical growth with the philosophy that each child is unique and has individual developmental needs, styles, and differences. Teachers focus on each child as an individual and encourage every child to learn at their own pace with customized activities and projects.


Centers Purpose and Philosophy on  Early Childhood Education:
Active Louisville Kids’ purpose is to provide a high quality, healthy, safe, fun and educational environment for children to blossom in.  Our philosophy is learning through play, providing children opportunities to explore their environment using age appropriate materials and projects.  Our philosophy also includes learning through guidance from teacher, peers and visiting volunteers and parents. Our program encourages all areas of development and is tailored to fit the unique learning styles of each child.  We believe that each child learns at their own pace and embrace the child at where they are in their developmental stage of life.

What We Offer:
–  Personalized lessons made tailored to the needs of each student
–  Thought provoking, creative activities that enhance all areas of development
–   Active playtime
–  Developmentally appropriate activities that involve all the senses
–  A daily implemented curriculum that includes dramatic play, art, math, science, literacy, cooking and outdoor exploration
–  Educational field-trips
–  Organic and gluten-free snack options
–  Safe and caring environment for the children and their families

We Welcome All Types of Families!
Active Louisville Kids’ knows that not every family looks the same. Our school community is happy to learn about the unique differences your family brings to our program. We welcome families composed of any race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or national origin.